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Kalpataru Piping is a standard manufacturer and trader of Precut Shims, which provide a self-reinforced and one-piece connection. Precut Traditional Shims are offered by us to find an extensive usage in pipe fitting functions of socket and screwed weld connection types. Precut Edge Bond Shims are made up of different grades of standard ranges and meet its terms through international and national standards. We as well manufacture and supply these Precut Tapered Shims to meet your made to order requirements in a range of special stainless steel and alloy grades. The offered Precut Peelable Shims is at length used in industries for pipe connection. The sphere-shaped design of Stainless Steel Precut Shims allows the usage of mechanical burning machinery.

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SS Precut Shims are being used to put in the required well and are also being designed to put in a lot of varieties of dissimilar length and size sensors and wells. The required Stainless Steel Precut Traditional Shims is being held by an exceptional holding hex socket joined to a functioning rod that passes all the way through a sealed well housing. This type of device is recognized as Stainless Steel Precut Edge Bond Shims and when weighed down by means of the required Thermo-well is joined to the impermanent valve in a water tight manner.

Pre Cut Shims Specification

Thickness from .010 to .134
OD Outside dimensions from .050” to 4.00”
ID Inside dimensions from .020” to 3.00”

Pre Cut Shim Types

Standard Pre-cut Shim Sizes
3/8″7/16″1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″
1/2″9/16″2″ x 2″
5/8″11/16″2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″
3/4″13/16″3″ x 3″
1-1/8″1-3/16″4″ x 4″
1-1/2″1-9/16″5″ x 5″
1-7/8″1-15/16″6″ x 6″
2-1/4″2-5/16″6″ x 6″
2-1/4″2-5/16″8″ x 8″
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