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Kalpataru Piping is a well-known exporter of Bimetal Sheets, which may be recycled indefinitely without losing their qualities. Bimetal Slatting Sheets are set and backed by a number of critical bridges that are attached to the outer part of the extrusion die in porthole extrusion. Meanwhile, Bimetal Perforated Sheets are fastened and positioned within the extrusion die in seamless extrusion, forming the tube’s internal curve. Seamless extrusion, for example, can generate high-strength Bimetallic Slatting Sheets. When Bimetallic Perforated Sheets are moved between opposing rolls, they appear to be longer and thinner in the direction they are travelling. Bimetallic Sheets, also known as “the most widely used kind of industrial aluminium,” are used in a variety of industries, including transportation (car body sheet), aerospace (plane skins), construction (facades), and packaging (can bodies and ends).

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Aluminium – Copper BI-Metal Sheets are a combination of properties such as hardness, lightweight, excellent corrosion resistance, and cost effectiveness, making them an excellent alternative to conventional materials. Meanwhile, we can manufacture Aluminium – Copper BI-Metal Perforated Sheets for use in the manufacture of pipes, as well as provide unique sizes of aluminium that are manufactured in accordance with client drawings in various alloy grades.

Bimetal Sheet / Plate Specification

Thickness from 0.5mm to 30mm
Size from 300 to Customers’ Requirement
Material aluminium + copper

Dealer, Distributor & Stockist, Manufacturers, Supplier, Exporter of Bimetal Plates/ Sheets Technical parameter

Bimetal Sheets Base layer thickness(mm) Cover layer thickness(mm)
Cu-Al block Cu δ38~40 Al δ10~12
Al-Steel block Steel δ38~40 Alδ10~12

Bimetal Sheets / Plates Types

Chemical and Physical Properties of Bimetallic Sheets and Plates
Material GradeCopper T2, Aluminum 1060
Copper purity99.9%min
Aluminum purity99.6%min
Ratio for Aluminum : Copper (Volume)80% : 20%
Ratio for Aluminum : Copper (Weight)55% : 45%
Resistivity(Ω mm2/m)<0.019
Tensile Strength(N/mm2)more than 120
Elongation (%)27-38
Peeling Strength(N/mm)more than 12
HardnessH24 (half hard)
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