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Kalpataru Piping is a standard manufacturer and supplier of Alignment Shims, which is relatively like a pipe saddle and so are as well accessible in other requirements such as pressure and temperature particulars along with special header, branch wall depth. On the other hand, Alignment Traditional Shims has been manufactured in such a way by means of regard to trim down the pipe stresses and stress concentration features. The weld of Alignment Edge Bond Shims is able to be look at by emblematic weld inspection ways such as radiography and ultrasound inspections. In the meantime, Alignment Tapered Shims have sturdy seamless manufacture, dimensional sturdiness and accurateness. The offered Alignment Peelable Shims is widely used for pipe connection in industries. Stainless Steel Alignment Shims offers a self-support and one-piece connection, where circular design let use of mechanical burning tools.

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Stainless Steel Alignment Traditional Shims requires less weld material while reinstating 100% pipe or header potency. In addition, Stainless Steel Alignment Edge Bond Shims can be sliced down in the run after welding the outlet to further minimize the distortion. The spherical design of Stainless Steel Alignment Tapered Shims set away the usage of instinctive burning tools. Stainless Steel Alignment Peelable Shims requires less weld material and simultaneously re-establishing cent percent pipe or header strength. However SS Alignment Shims can also be used as a drainage connection when space is not available for using this alloy. Meanwhile, if used for lateral correlations, Alignment Stainless Steel Shims are obtainable to meet specific strengthening requirements.

Alignment Shims Specification

Thickness from .010 to .134
OD Outside dimensions from .050” to 4.00”
ID Inside dimensions from .020” to 3.00”
Alignment Shims Applications Railway, Military and Defense Equipment, Material Handling, Compressors, Architectural, Construction Equipment, Wheel covers, Petrochemical, Electric Motors, Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment, Conveyor belts, Subway cars, Springs, HVAC, Kitchen equipment, Precut Steel Shims for Machine Alignment, Electric Motor, Locomotive, Packaging, Automotive components, Hose clamps, Aerospace Engineering, Power and Utilities, Truck and trailer bodies, Industrial Engineering, Medical Components, Steel Mill Equipment, Mining Equipment

Alignment Shim Types

Standard Alignment Shims Sizes
Shim SizeBolt Hole Size
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